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Updated: Apr 17, 2021

The DIY project that gave our stairs a facelift

When we first moved in everything was oak & brass, an early 2000's dream, a late 2010's nightmare! All I wanted was the oak gone so we told our painters to just paint our railings all white.

“The finished product though....oh, so good!"

There was nothing wrong at all with the white, but I wanted a change and after seeing how great the contrast looked at a few friends homes I went for it!

How to

I wanted this to be a simple project so I just painted over the white paint already in place. While tedious, take the time to tape everything! Maybe this doesn't need to be shared, but since it happened to me I'll share this tip as well; if you keep your painting tape in the garage, let it warm to your home temp prior to taping, otherwise you will be lucky like me and get to tape twice!

We used Tricorn Black from Sherwin Williams so the stairs matched our doors. It took a couple of days of painting (while the kids were at school), and quite a few coats to cover the white and get a smooth look. The finished product though....oh, so good! I really struggled with how to paint the space between the handrail and the wall as we couldn't easily take the railing off. My husband suggested using a piece of cardboard and a roller, so I took his advice and ended up using a mini-roller and posterboard and just rolled away while holding the posterboard against the wall. After belaboring over how to do that section, it ended up being the fastest and easiest. Babywipes helped to wipe away any bit of black that went over/through the tape. After removing all the tape, I did a Target pickup order for small craft brushes and touched up the areas that needed it.

My Mother-in-law called it a handsome staircase, and I think that describes it perfectly!

Before and After

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