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Updated: Apr 17, 2021

The foundation of our decor, neutral paint colors

Sherwin Williams for the Win

This is our home paint scheme--minus "on the rocks." Our original plan was to have just the ceilings & trim be Extra White and the bathrooms would be painted using On the Rocks. However, there was such a small difference between the two that we just decided all of our bathrooms (trim included) would be painted using Extra White.

“When picking colors it is important to think of the furniture that will go in the room, the color of the flooring, and lighting..”

All of our main areas are painted in "Agreeable Gray," the doors are "Tricorn Black," (see previous post) bedrooms are "Dovetail," & bathrooms, trim and ceiling are all "Extra White."

Picking the colors

As you can see in the picture, Agreeable Gray seems to be pulling more from the browns in our former countertop, however, on our walls--especially with the contrast of Extra White and our gray floors the color looks like a true gray. It is definitely 'agreeable!' (ba-dum, ching!) It compliments our kitchen very well, and is light enough to not feel too gray as the overall color of our home. When picking colors it is important to think of the furniture that will go in the room, the color of the flooring, and lighting (both natural & room lighting). I knew I would still be keeping some browns and blues in our furniture and decor, so the fact that agreeable gray has some brown undertones really helps create a cohesive look.

Bathroom lighting can be tricky and the wrong paint color can shrink the space and/or give you poor coloring for makeup, clothes, etc. Extra White is crisp and clean, everything you want a bathroom to feel like and be.

My kids have asked a couple of times to paint their rooms a different color, but then they never really have a specific color in mind. So I (selfishly) never push for them to select a color, because in all honesty, I don't want to paint over and over again as their moods/tastes change in these upcoming years. Dovetail is a great bedroom color; calming and neutral and goes well with all the different decor we have in each room. In our first home we had a great teal wall that really drove all the decor purchases. I loved it....but, I wanted to be able to easily switch decor, and as crazy as this sounds, the teal did not match during Christmas time, and it drove me crazy. So neutral it is, for now.

First pictures of our home

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