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Updated: Jan 17, 2021

The purchase of a new home is exciting, but can also be overwhelming. Here are a few helpful tips to make your new space your own.

Do as much as you can before you move in----if at all possible. Often closing dates are staggered, and depending on your purchase you may be coming from a lease, or selling a previous home. If your new home requires work (or you want to complete home improvements), request a rent-back when you sell your home. This extra time can be invaluable and allows the work to be the main focus, without un-packing, etc.

My husband and I have flipped two homes, one while we were living in it and one in 6 six weeks prior to move in. As crazy as it sounds to have flipped a home in 6 weeks, we did it and it was so much easier since we were not yet living there.

“...don't feel like you're breaking some rule if you don't go it alone, do what you're comfortable with!

Create a Plan

Often home improvement projects are like dominos, once on thing is done, you can move onto the next and before you know it you've completed a ton of projects! Before you close on your new home, do your research and get quotes, pick paint colors and decide what MUST be done first.

  1. If you are doing a large project, get a haul away dumpster

  2. Demo Day is fun for everyone! Ask friends/family to help and outline specifically what is leaving and what is staying

  3. Once demo is complete, my preference is to paint then replace flooring--no need to worry about spills, etc

  4. Get quotes on items that require longer customization/delivery time and get them ordered ASAP. For us, that was our plantation shutters and our kitchen (countertops specifically take longer)

  5. Get everything scheduled for starting projects, stay involved, and be flexible!

I mention flexibility as there are so many moving parts; peoples schedules, delivery schedules, and your own personal life to work with that it is not unlikey for something to get off track. Keep open lines of communication with your crew and oversee as much as possible. We did not hire a project manager or general contractor and got it all done. You can do it too! But, don't feel like you're breaking some rule if you don't go it alone, do what you're comfortable with!

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