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Updated: Apr 17, 2021

First--let me say I love Pinterest, when I'm in project mode I love Pinterest even more!

Black Doors

“There was no way I could go through life any longer with a boring white door.”

Long before we moved into our current home, I saw black interior doors on Pinterest and I knew we had to have them. Had. to. have. them. There was no way I could go through life any longer with a boring white door. So upon move-in we decided we would paint all of our interior doors black. A home color scheme, a room, an outfit, etc.. can all be determined off of one piece; for us it was black doors. Go for it! You will love your black doors!

Where to begin

We started by removing all of the doors and hardware. The hardware was a true 2000's brass so we opted to replace the handles and hinges. If you are looking to save some money and like the style of your hardware, grab a can of Rustoleum spray paint and your hardware can be updated easily in a couple of hours with just a few sprays.

Tricorn Black

“Go for it! You will love your black doors!”

We selected Tricorn Black from Sherwin Williams and our painters worked their magic by spraying all the doors while they were off the hinges. Be reminded to note which doors came from which room, we did NOT do this and while most of the doors fit fine; a few took a bit longer to hang as we needed to find the correct door to the frame that fit it best.

Once all of the doors were in place, I was in awe! With fresh paint on the walls, trim, and doors, our home had a completely different look and even after nearly 3 years, I still have moments where I look at the doors and thinks--'gosh, I just love them.'

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