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DIY Triptych

Custom Mattes with Ikea Frames

I've seen amazing extra large frames with offset mattes, and while I loved them--I pretty much loathed the price tag. You could easily buy a set of frames like this for +$500....even if that was in the budget, I still wouldn't spend that amount for 3 frames.

So... I took my search to Pinterest where I found this great post on how to do your own Triptych by custom ordering the mattes and buying the frames at Ikea.

Ikea is so close and always comes through with exactly what I need, so I headed there and purchased the largest Ribba frames they have (24x35 ¾) in black for $19.99/each, then visited Custom Mat and used the settings from the previous post--which could easily be adjusted. When ordering your mattes I recommend using a computer as you can more easily adjust the matte size.

The settings were as follows:

Matte Color: Snow

Overall size: 24 x 36

Opening size 14 x 11

Margins: 5.25 on Right, Left, and Top and 20.25 on the bottom

I decided to order 11 x 14's of our most recent family photos in black & white from Walgreens photo--(seriously the best and easiest place to order pictures from) and picked them up and had them waiting until the mattes arrived about a week or so after I ordered.

The process of switching out the mattes, adding the pictures, and hanging them took maybe an hour total. We added the gallery lights from Amazon, which are awesome because they have multiple color settings, are remote operated, and powered by battery (since I did not want to deal with hiding cords).

I'm so obsessed with how this turned out that I want to do another set somewhere else in my house, and I just may do that!

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