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75 Hard

Updated: Apr 17, 2021

The challenge that gave me a much needed reset.

The word hard is included for a reason, as it is definitely not easy! There were many external factors that could have made it easy to walk away from and decide to do this at another time in my life, but the challenge was a nice distraction and essentially a reset for me. ... Helpful Tips *drink out of a cup with a straw and front load your day with water, anything extra is a bonus * just say no to anything that doesn’t fit your goals, having my family support with this was critical this wasn’t too hard, but I discovered great non-alcoholic beers from @athleticbrewing and @getgruvi that were perfect when I just wanted a beer *find something you love, for me it’s (obviously) @jazzerciseinc, walking, and workouts on the @onepeloton app, I’d normally do one workout while my family was still sleeping—the early bird gets the worm! * I got back into reading again and read so many great books of different varieties, there’s always time to read 10 pages and I usually read well over that * taking progress pictures was not hard, you can do it ... Takeaways

Make sure you have good gear; shoes, clothes, etc... My outdoor workouts happened in a temperature range from 123* to 11*, super hot and freezing cold My favorite brands to wear are @athleta, @glyderapparel, and @90degreebyreflex —all have excellent leggings (with pockets!) I joined the @cobreweryrun challenge to give me something else to motivate me for my outdoor workouts—happy to say I walked 123 miles in October and have already walked 70 miles in November, with a goal of 200 miles total for November/December! I have a great support system in my family and friends near and far. Outdoor walks always went by faster while talking with a friend either with me or on the phone

Bottom line—I had time to complete these things because of the choices I made. Everyone has the same 24 hours in a day, how you choose to spend them determines your success!

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